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Capture quality from a fresh point of view: ZEISS Optical Series

Easily capture things better left untouched

  • Discover new optical CMM featuring ZEISS ZAPHIRE optical software
  • Experience user-centric ease of use features including part navigation at its simplest
  • Learn about upgrade and options platform to enhance your investment as you grow

The optical solution with the right touch

  • Explore the world of optics-driven multi-sensor CMMs operated by ZEISS CALYPSO software
  • Get to know unique features of ZEISS O-INSPECT solution in lighting and scanning
  • Find out how to increase capability and functionality with options like ZEISS DotScan and a true 4th axis rotary table


Rethink. Reimagine. Reinventing optical inspection & technical cleanliness

Push the limitations of optical inspection!

  • Watch in detail the new digital microscope delivering real-time, unrivalled depth of field
  • Get to know the fastest, most comprehensive and user-friendly way to do EDOF visual inspection and documentation

How to identify the root cause of contamination?

  • Increase functionality and lifetime of products
  • Accelerate decision making
  • Incorporate correlative particle analysis for comprehensive decisions


Discover the ins & outs: Defect detection you can trust

How to detect defects in light metal castings early on to save costs

  • Learn how you can optimize production parameters early to reduce scrap
  • Get to know possible defects in light metal casting and why they occur
  • Gain insights into inline defect detection and how it can help you reduce costs

When Vision Meets Decision - Trusted Surface Defect Detection

  • Receive an introduction to visual inspection & challenges
  • Get an application overview: Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Consumer Electronics
  • Learn about automated visual inspection enabling Industry 4.0


Connect back to the future of productivity: Retrofit and software solutions

New Performance Highlights in ZEISS CALYPSO 2020

  • Find out how optimized optical measurement makes ZEISS CALYPSO 2020 six times faster
  • Learn to determine central measurement strategies to ensure comparability of measurement results
  • Learn to simplify the programming of circles and curves from CAD models

Performance-Upgrade for your CMM - with ZEISS SensorFit

  • Find out more about sensor retrofits and how you can benefit
  • Get to know different Use-Cases
  • Learn about other upgrades for your CMM


From energy to eMotion: ZEISS eMobility Solutions

Battery: Quality assurance solutions for material to cell, modules and tray

  • Learn how to gain the relevant data to enable battery safety and performance for new energy vehicles
  • Get deep insights into the battery processes for R&D and production from material to the battery pack

Fuel Cell System: Quality control technologies along the manufacturing process

  • Discover most important fuel cell system quality gates
  • Learn more about metrology solution for off-line and at-line application
Innovation Rocks 2020

Spring Edition


Walk the line for car body construction: new inline & atline solutions

More than a robot. It‘s a Hambot.
The new multisensor CMM

  • More than a robot - The Hambot
  • Possibilities and potential with ZEISS Hambot
  • Differentiation and potential of the different measuring systems

More productivity and efficiency in automotive engineering through the use of in-line measurement technology
ZEISS Car Body Solutions

  • Fields of application for ZEISS in-line measurement technology along the process chain from the press shop to final vehicle assembly
  • Objective testing technology for high-quality surfaces in automotive production
  • New possibilities and potential with the new correlation-free ZEISS AICell trace
  • Process transparency by recording gap & flush in the line as a basis for the Smart Factory


Enter the new dimension of X-Ray

How you can measure plastic parts quickly and accurately with CT

  • Discover the advantages and possibilities of CT technology to perform exact and fast measurements and inspections
  • See how it works in a live demo in the GOM Inspect software
  • Find out more about the X-ray solutions from ZEISS to improve the quality of your plastic parts and to accelerate your quality assurance processes.


Connect to productivity from the cloud

Connect to productivity from the cloud

  • Introduction to ZEISS PiWeb product family.
  • Introduction to Business Model and architecture of ZEISS PiWeb cloud.
  • How to configure and manage ZEISS PiWeb licenses and databases in the ZEISS PiWeb cloud portal.
  • ZEISS PiWeb cloud: How the cloud is seamlessly integrated into well-known software solutions like ZEISS CALYPSO.


Become a #measuringhero! Anytime. Anywhere.

Enter the world of innovations and shape the future together with us

  • Discover innovative solutions first-hand
  • Experience fascinating application examples of our ZEISS Quality Excellence Centers
  • Help us shaping the future of trainings and services at ZEISS

Systems & Solutions

Metrology Systems

How to solve quality assurance challenges

  • Overview of the most common quality assurance challenges companies are facing nowadays
  • Find out which solutions are there for these type of challenges
  • How to select the most suitable technology for your quality assurance challenge

When precision matters the most: PRISMO Family

  • Presentation of all the latest innovations in the ZEISS PRISMO world
  • Differentiation of the different ZEISS PRISMO models
  • Presentation of the different options as a complete solution

Automation solutions for your CMM with examples, benefits and added value

  • ZEISS solutions for automation including examples in the field
  • Get the most out of your CMM! Benefits and added value of automation
  • Figures, data, facts - why an investment also pays off financially

Surface and Form Calibration and Verification 
Tune Up Your Gage for Reliable and Accurate Results

  • Surface, profilometer, contour gage and form roundness gage overviews
  • What does a service calibration entail? What aspects are considered?
  • Importance of stylus qualifications and tool tip geometry

Process optimization with focus on 3D Digitization
Plastic production

  • Applications of ZEISS solutions in the plastics production process
  • Get to know ZEISS 3D Scanning and software solutions
  • Tool correction with ZEISS REVERSE ENGINEERING
  • Customer success stories

Maximum Flexibility with mass

  • From MPS to mass - the origin of flexibility
  • Which sensor is right for me - insight into the great variance of sensors
  • Sensor change made easy - in a few steps from optics to active scanning technology

EDM & ZEISS – Why CMMs improve your productivity

  • Easy measurement with ZEISS CALYPSO preset
  • Integrating this solution into your production environment
  • Benefits when using ZEISS EDM solution - incl. ROI calculation

Gear Metrology
Comparison of different metrology systems

  • Get to know different measuring systems for gear metrology
  • Comparison of the measuring systems in terms of measuring time and accuracy
  • Identification of the advantages and disadvantages using practical examples

Automate your hand-tool work with a Large Field of View Digital Profile Projector

  • Significantly increase productivity in any Quality Lab or even right at the machining center
  • Remove the subjectivity that traditionally accompanies hand tools
  • With automated data logging and statistical process control reports, you can now peer into your process capability

Plug-n-Play CMM Sensors Meet Today's Measurement Challenges

  • Four types of CMM-based sensors, their applications and what makes each sensor work
  • Increasing productivity with alternative multi-sensor measurements
  • Selecting the right sensor for your measurement application

ZEISS X-Ray Series

10 reasons why you should x-ray your parts

  • Discover the benefits of x-ray technology
  • Find out how the technology helps you safe time and money in your quality assurance
  • Get to know ZEISS X-Ray Series

How to reduce scrap in foundries
Focus on light metal castings

  • Learn how you can optimize production parameters early to reduce scrap
  • Get to know possible defects in light metal casting and their causes
  • Gain insight into simple defect cause analyses along the production chain
  • Discover 3D Digitizing and X-Ray technologies that support you hereby

Problem Solving Using Computertomography Scanning Technology

  • Learn the basics of CT scanning and get an understanding of how a scan is performed
  • Understand the different types of CT scan inspection analyses, like part-to-part, porosity and wall thickness
  • See how STL creation is done through reverse engineering

X-ray Imaging in submicron scale - how this technology can strengthen your measurement inspection workflow

  • Extend the boundaries of your non-destructive sub-micron scale imaging
  • Achieve high-contrast and high-resolution imaging even for relatively large samples
  • Reveal details of microstructures and visualize them in three-dimensions (3D)

How to Reveal the Internal Structure of Objects at Sub-micron Resolution without Destroying Your Sample with RaaD

  • Avoid destructive sample preparation like sectioning and reveal the internal structure of objects at sub-micron resolution
  • Collect high resolution images from diverse sample types and sizes
  • Investigate microstructures under changing conditions and over time and go from an overview scan to sub-micron details in a single pass

Advanced Reconstruction Technologies for Improving Image Quality and Throughput of 3D X-ray Microscopes for Non-destructive Testing

  • Achieve faster scan times and enhanced image quality of 3D X-ray image data
  • Increase throughput of 3D X-ray scanning without sacrificing image resolution
  • Use deep learning strategies for repetitive workflows across broad sector applications

Industrial Microscopy Solutions

Electron microscopy for industrial applications
Easier than expected

  • Introduction to industrial defect analysis with electron microscope
  • Securing throughput with increasing analysis quality through networked microscopy
  • Use of electron microscopes also for non-experts through efficient and user-friendly software SmartSEM Touch
  • Quantitative material analysis using an EDX system

Closing the Gap, Automation of Quality Inspection in the Manufacturing Process

  • Customized solutions for specific jobs to be done
  • Easy to use user interface: ZEISS’ industry standard ZEN Core software
  • Fast implementation of solutions: weeks rather than months

Your Solution to Implement Traceable Microscopy Workflows

  • Quality Managers who want to guarantee reproducible results and secured processes
  • Validation Engineers who want to be able to validate their microscopy processes
  • Lab Managers who need to document their microscopy processes

Increase Efficiency, Gain Reproducibility and Speed Up Your Microscopy Workflows

  • We will present different workflows on how you can significantly increase the efficiency of your laboratory
  • ZEN core - your software suite for industrial microscope applications
  • ZEN Data Storage – client server database to centrally store all your results and job templates

Connected Microscopy: Image and Data in Context

  • Introduction to connected microscopy
  • Increase the quality of your analysis and simplify your workflows by connecting your microscopes and data
  • Find out how our you can connect your microscopes with our ZEISS software modules Shuttle&Find and ZEISS ZEN Connect

Time Saving Analysis Tools for Coating Thickness Inspection
Featuring ZEISS ZEN Core and ZEISS APEER

  • Ease of use offered by the ZEISS ZEN Core user interface
  • Machine learning algorithms increase speed and accuracy
  • Automate inspection of large sections that would normally need to be done in multiple fields of view

Multi-modal Microscopy: Combining Photons and Electrons

  • Explore electron microscopy contrast mechanisms and learn how they complement traditional light microscopy based imaging workflows
  • Consider site specific spectroscopy for contextual chemical analysis of materials/phases
  • Browse additional resources and learn how to upgrade your lab

Increased Throughput with Real-Time All-In-Focus Inspection

  • See how easy it is to set up
  • Understand how new MALS™ technology works
  • Live demo of ideal inspection examples

Car Body Solutions

Inline surface inspection in car body construction: current customer requirements and developments

  • Objective inspection technology for high-quality surface quality in automotive production
  • Quality and process control along the production chain
  • Solutions with ZEISS ABIS Inline: examples from practice


ZEISS Original Accessories as Productivity Enabler in the ideal measuring room

  • Overview of relevant norms and standards
  • Challenges and Trends
  • Presentation of various ZEISS Accessories solutions for increased productivity in the measuring process


Application Software

Surface Reconstruction and Tool Correction
Optimize your processes using ZEISS REVERSE ENGINEERING

  • Live Demonstration of our solutions
  • Surface Reconstruction
  • Tool Correction

Assessing the Right Automated CMM Software: What are the Options and Benefits?

  • Easy & Secure – Requires less training and features a closed system for added security and protection
  • Flexible – Quicker change of material handling in conjunction with a PLC
  • Productive – Fully automated systems yield more throughput

Quality Intelligence Software

PiWeb - Quality Data Management Solutions by ZEISS

  • Learn how easy it is to build graphical part stories and custom dashboards
  • Powerful data mining tools that make it possible to sort and filter data sets
  • A simple interface that allows anyone to view detailed reports on demand to improve part quality

Services & Support

ZEISS Academy Metrology

Online Campus
The digital learning offer of the ZEISS ACADEMY METROLOGY

  • Which learning format suits you best
  • Which courses on metrological fundamentals, software functions and specific technologies are already available to you today
  • Ad how easy they are to find


How Retrofit can make your CMM state-of-the-art again

  • Overview of the possibilities Retrofit offers you
  • Practical examples of various retrofit solutions
  • User examples from customers in various industries

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