Upínací přípravky a systémová řešení CARFIT

Carl Zeiss Fixture Systems GmbH, Tholey

Carl Zeiss Fixture Systems GmbH has been a subsidiary of Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology since October 2007. Each companies’ products and services complement one another perfectly. Based on the ZEISS CARFIT standard components system, Carl Zeiss Fixture Systems develop and manufacture measuring equipment for the international automotive and aviation industries. The production site in Tholey also produces manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic loading systems for CMMs.

The ZEISS CARFIT system was developed in-house, and is a modular system for the production of checking fixtures, holding fixtures and “Meisterbock” matching fixtures for quality assurance in the measuring room. It is used mainly for car bodies (metal components and assembly groups) and interior and exterior parts (synthetic parts and component groups). Impressive references for all vehicle parts confirm that CARFIT fixtures are leading the way when it comes to quality, cost effectiveness, and technical functionality in fixturing technology. The ZEISS CARFIT fixturing system is a cutting-edge solution for all applications in prototype construction and toolmaking as well as pilot and serial production. Measuring fixtures, test devices, and ""Meisterbock"" fixtures are based upon the highly functional CARFIT standards and speed up the inspection processes at OEMs and TIER suppliers. Carl Zeiss Fixture Systems support the customers’ metrology needs using more than 25 years of metrology expertise, from optimization all the way to serial production. The company put decades of experience in measuring and fixture technology into the ZEISS CARFIT systems. As an international solutions provider, Carl Zeiss Fixture Systems offer on-site support for the customers in the key regions for automotive and aircraft construction.

The product development enhances their products by incorporating the know-how acquired from the own fixturing components and the customers’ many diverse applications. By continually optimizing and reinventing their portfolio, Carl Zeiss Fixture Systems ensure to offer the right solutions to meet the customers’ current requirements as well as provide an innovative and market shaping approach to fixture construction globally.


Carl Zeiss Fixture Systems GmbH
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