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Medical plastics deliver a pharmaceutical compound to its target site.

17. 8. 2023

Connect to Productivity at EMO 2023

We present our newest solutions in the area of industrial metrology, especially for production processes.

16. 8. 2023


Your go-to for everything about 3D scanning.

1. 12. 2022

Optical 3D Metrology

High-resolution optical digitizers for complex inspections in different industries

1. 12. 2022

CT technology as competitive advantage in the plastics industry

Demand for plastic components is growing in many end-user industries, such as automotive, packaging, electronics, and...

3. 10. 2022

Handle Challenging Quality Requirements in Medical Plastics with Responsibility

The quality laboratory of Gerresheimer AG relies on ZEISS and managed to cut its measuring times by around 50%:

20. 7. 2022

One for all

GOM Software: Powerful stand-alone metrology solution and recognized industry standard

30. 4. 2021

Školení AUKOM

Standardizované školení v oblasti metrologie

15. 4. 2021

ZEISS snímače

ZEISS snímače pro souřadnicové měřicí stroje

6. 4. 2021

MBFZ toolcraft and ZEISS

MBFZ toolcraft relies on ZEISS 3D ManuFACT - the only end-to-end quality assurance solution for additive manufacturin...

1. 4. 2021

Staying competitive with inline quality assurance

The automotive company based in Ingolstadt relies on a fully automated inline quality assurance solution from ZEISS ►...

1. 4. 2021

Gold medal for newcomers

A college in China wins gold in CNC milling at the Skills Olympics - its training program was co-developed by ZEISS ►...

1. 4. 2021

ZEISS – the choice by a champion of hydraulic valve block industry

Chen Zengwei, general manager Wuxi Maytag Machinery Co Ltd. relies on advanced measuring machines from ZEISS ► Read t...

1. 4. 2021

The superlative in measuring technology

KWC Franke Water Systems increases the quality of manufactured water fittings thanks to ZEISS T-SCAN ► Learn more in ...

1. 4. 2021

eMobility: Measuring technology from ZEISS provides the key for series production

ZEISS & VW have developed a holistic measuring solution for hairpin stators ► Learn more about the challenges of the ...

1. 4. 2021

Intelligent software solutions increase efficiency

ZEISS supports companies with Quality Intelligence in the collection and evaluation of data across the entire value c...

1. 4. 2021

Expanding its range of machining using in-house quality assurance

The powerful coordinate measuring machines from ZEISS have enabled Karl Reim Werkzeugbau to expand its machining spec...

1. 4. 2021

Brenk Brothers Inc. – quality with tradition

ZEISS measuring machines support Brenk Brothers Inc. in optimizing the speed of measurements and quality assurance ► ...

1. 4. 2021

ZEISS expertise drives Formula E

Title favorite: Audi's first all-electric racing series in the world places completely new demands on measurement tec...

1. 4. 2021


Snadno použitelný systém počítačové tomografie ZEISS METROTOM 1 provádí složité úlohy měření a kontroly pouze na zákl...

1. 4. 2021

Learn from everywhere: live metrology online courses

Whether classroom training or live online training: refresh your knowledge from metrology classes and bring your trai...

1. 4. 2021

e-Kurzy ZEISS

Nová úroveň odborných znalostí prostřednictvím digitálního vzdělávání ZEISS.

24. 3. 2021

Schmitter Group

Optimalizácia výroby kombinovanou metrológiou

22. 2. 2021

Improved performance and efficiency

Additively manufactured pistons for the Porsche 911 GT2 RS

22. 2. 2021